The massages

For a good massage in Leiden you can visit my practice. The basis of the massage treatment is a relaxation massage, to which elements from other massage directions and 'healing' are added. This way you get into your body better and you feel whole. massage in Leiden kun je in mijn praktijk terecht. Bij het masseren wordt een mix van grepen, schud- en strijktechnieken gebruikt, soms gecombineerd met diepere spier- en weefselmassage. Het aanraken gebeurt met volle aandacht en dat geeft zekerheid, rust en energie. De producten die worden gebruikt, zoals massage- en etherische oliën, zijn altijd van natuurlijke oorsprong en van hoogwaardige kwaliteit.


Relaxation massage

Are you restless or experiencing stress? Do you feel tension in your body?

A relaxation massage helps to relax and reduce stress. This massage is especially enjoyable and at the same time helps to restore body and mind. You often experience improvement after one treatment.

In the relaxation massage, warm oil is used and the massage is relatively gently and calmly. Various classical massage techniques are used. Characteristic are the long, flowing strokes that feel like waves that, together with the soothing music, brings you in a deep relaxation.

Front and back of the body are massaged. Usually back, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck and shoulders are treated. Face and head or abdomen and chest area can also be included in the treatment, in consultation with you.

Relaxing regularly helps you stay healthy and flexible! 

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Do you feel tension in your back or neck? Stuck shoulders?

The back, neck and shoulder massage is aimed at relaxing the tense muscles and making the area looser and more mobile.

In addition to long strokes, this massage works slowly and deeply in specific places. Strong pressure can be applied, of course in consultation with you. In addition, subtle shaking techniques can be part of the massage.

Stress-related muscle complaints and headaches that are the result of tense muscles in the shoulders and neck can be relieved with this massage.

Customized massage

The massage you need at that moment.

For this massage we discuss together in a short intake what is going on in your body. Based on this, a massage follows that focuses on the places in the body that require attention. Techniques from different disciplines are used, depending on what is needed at the time.

Always good, never the same!  

Introductory massage

Would you like to get acquainted with Massage Leiden?

If you make an appointment at Massage Leiden for the first time, you can do so at a reduced rate of 45 euros. The introductory massage is an accessible way to get acquainted with Massage Leiden or with massaging in general.

After an introductory meeting you will receive a relaxation massage in which the back of the body is massaged; back, shoulders, arms and hands, back of legs and feet. This wonderful massage stimulates blood flow, is good for your skin and muscles and relaxes.

Discover the benefits of massage!