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Relaxing is important. Today there is continuous pressure, stress and unrest around us. Massage is a good way to bring peace back into your life. It has actually become necessary maintenance to relax, gain energy and stay in balance. Take the time for yourself and make an appointment at Massage Leiden.

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Massage Leiden

You can visit my practice for a good massage in Leiden. You can choose from different massages, such as a relaxation massage, back, neck, shoulder massage or a customized massage. With these massages you get more awareness in your body and feel whole again.

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he massage practice is located in Dé Plek, Kanaalpark 157 Leiden. The practice is easily accessible by bicycle or public transport and there is free parking. A massage treatment takes 75 minutes in total. This includes a short intake and resting for a while.

Prices and appointment

About Jan

Since 2013 I am a certified holistic masseur. I followed the training for this at the Academy for Massage and Movement in Amsterdam. In addition, I regularly attend courses and training courses to keep developing myself.

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